Resedential Private proxy ipv4 - 10 min rotation

72.49 $
1048 pcs.

- Proxies are leased for 1 month.
- Proxy type: Residential Private
- Ability to set the desired country through technical support.
- 100 TCP\IP connections. 100 TCP\IP connections is not equal to 100 web threads. For example, one web tab on the instagram site can use from 12 to 20 TCP\IP connections.
- You are 1 at the port.
- This is not a proxy list.
- It is possible to set the desired interval for automatic rotation of the external IP address from 10 minutes.
- HTTP(S)\SOCKS5 protocol.
- The speed depends on the lessor of the IP address. A resident IP is provided, proxied on the landlord's side of the IP address providing the connection.
- Unlimited traffic.
- There is no Moneyback.