Unlimited Resedential proxy 40 TCP\IP connections - Each thread has its own IP address - Rent a proxy server

80.52 $
45 pcs.

- Proxies are leased for 1 month.
- Proxy type: Residential, 4G
- The test for this position is paid, issued for a day. Ask in a tech support chat for a paid test.
- Geo: Worldwide mix
- Each new http request = new IP address.
- 40 TCP\IP connections, each connection has its own IP address. 40 TCP\IP connections is not equal to 40 web threads. For example, one web tab on the instagram site can use from 12 to 20 TCP\IP connections.
- The speed depends on the lessor of the IP address. A resident IP is provided, proxied on the landlord's side of the IP address providing the connection.
- The pool is updated, always over 1.5 million IP addresses.
- HTTP(S) \ SOCKS5 protocol.
- There is no Moneyback.
- Unlimited traffic.