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Important! We do not give advice on work in person, so this page was created.

We are not responsible for spam blocks, and any other sanctions from the social network, as we can not influence it!

These recommendations are not the ultimate truth. Below are the settings that work for us, but may not work for you. So you can get some information for yourself.

Frequently asked question:

- How to buy on lteboost.com?

- For what period is the proxy price?

Everything that is sold in the store is sold for 30 days. This is the price for 30 days. Except for those items where it is specified for how long the product is sold.

- Can I use payment systems on your proxies?

No. Payment systems and banking sites are blocked.

- When I buy one port twice, do I get different proxies?

No, you get two places on the same port. If you need more different IP outputs, you need to buy different ports, not multiple times the same port.

- Do I need to register on your site?

You don't need to, you can just buy the port you need and follow the instructions in the files received after payment confirmation. However, if you need a referral system, you can register and get a referral link.

- If the bot has already written to me "Your proxy * * * has expired" then I can't extend the proxy? Now only buy a new one?

Yes, the proxy must be renewed before it expires.

- How many threads or connections per proxy?

Our Shared proxies have 50 connections per client.

- Does this mean that I can put 50 accounts on a proxy?

No. This is the number of possible connections to our proxies. To make it easier for you, for example, Social Kit software uses 2-3 connections per account. Or software for VK that works via the web, eats up to 15 connections per account. And a single Chrome browser tab can use up to 25 connections at a time. This is loading images, each image is a single connection, loading various information from the site, various checks of the site itself, and so on. Therefore, we do not recommend working with a proxy for 50 connections in browsers, as you will get discomfort in working due to a lack of connections.

- Which proxies are suitable for working in software and in the browser?

If you want to work in the browser, for example, you have several Facebook accounts via Multilogin, then you will be able to use mobile proxy semi-privates with 200 connections per client, or a private channel, or resident proxies with rotation every 10 minutes.

For software that works through requests, or an API where connections are clearly controlled, any proxy will work.

- Do you have any recommendations for the number of accounts?

There are some tests that show that, for example, in the software for instagram that works through requests from the official app, you can land about 15 accounts. Above these values, connection problems may already occur, which may lead to breaks on the proxy. If you work with VK, this is web emulation, and as we wrote above, the web can use up to 25 connections per tab. This means that you will be able to work comfortably with 2-3 accounts, or 4-5 at the very least. Above these values, connection problems may already occur, which may lead to breaks on the proxy. But also remember that we can't know how the accounts will work, since we do not affect the operation of the social network or service in any way. Everything is very individual. In our work, only tests will tell you whether certain bundles will work. Always start small, buy a couple of proxies, test them, try to debug them, try to buy accounts from another seller, try to change the limits, and give your accounts a rest. Mix methods. Try different options! Don't hit the same wall. If everything worked well for you yesterday, but not today, this is also a normal situation. Adjust to the work of the social network, look for problems not only in the proxy.
The main thing is to realize that you are engaged in spam, and social networks are fighting it.

- What is the speed on the proxy?

The total speed of the proxy channel is up to 10-12Mbit. The speed is distributed evenly among all clients on the proxy. Therefore, under certain loads, the speed is smeared over all, distributing it automatically. Thus, if your proxy could work at first at higher speeds, and at some point the speed fell, it means that there was a speed distribution on the proxy, and your neighbor or neighbors also started working with the proxy at high loads (in the conditions set by default on shared channels, in 50 possible connections). If you are not satisfied with the speed of the proxy, once a month you can replace your proxy for free or buy private channels without restrictions and neighbors on the proxy.

- What protocols do your proxies support?

Our proxies currently work with several proxy protocols:

- Win10 mobile proxies only work over HTTPS

- Android mobile proxies work via HTTPS and SOCKS5

- Why can't you tell me how to work correctly in a particular social network?

Since we sell the connection, not the manual for work. Everyone should understand why they buy mobile or resident proxies. Also, the results vary from client to client, so we can not guarantee anything, since these are unknown variables for us.

- What is Android emulation?

This is a proxy with a fingerprint of the Android operating system. In other words, sites will see your device as an Android OS.

- What are Resident proxies?

This is a proxy with the IP addresses of home or business providers.

- Registering something.

A very common question is whether it is possible to register EN masse for mobile proxies. Depending on what, and depending on what software. If your programmer has direct hands, you can register not only for mobile proxies. Using public regers is at your own risk. Since it is public, it means that a large number of people use this method. And the first thing that lights up is the registration method, automatic actions. And only then the proxy. And keep in mind that mobile proxies appeared in 2017, when it was a novelty. Now, SOC. networks, various popular email services, etc., have already done a lot to determine your automation, and proxies will not always help. If this is your software, then work towards randomizing actions, the strength of screen taps, and similar moments. The more human-like you are, the easier it will be to work with any proxy.



Mobile proxies or resident proxies are not a tablet for all problems. If someone told you that everything will work, it may be far from true.

Many points depend on the bundle of ACC+software+limits+proxy, as you can see, proxies take up only 25% of the entire bundle. Therefore, the problem is not always just in the proxy. Mobile or resident proxies can help you in many cases, but they can also get sanctioned by the social network after some time or immediately, if the problem was initially in another, for example, in a low-trust account, and you did not take this into account.

We work in Instagram, so our recommendations will be for This social network.

We use private channels to work in SocialKit. You can put up to 40 accounts on 1 private channel.


1. All proxies are put in one txt file. For further sorting and randomization.

2. you must set individual timings for each account. Let them differ slightly, for 10-20 seconds.

3. Disable surfing when working with mobile channels.

4. Enable changing those data on the fly, and changing IP addresses in the spam block. Changing those addresses to Trust ones-Russia. In the proxy list, insert all the mobile proxies that you bought.

5. In the expert settings to put a timeout on the care spamblock not 700 minutes, and 1 minute. This way you will have a constant search of IP addresses on those accounts that will catch spam blocks. The search will continue until the spam block is removed.

6. Launch accounts to do as follows: Authorized-Set up the task and timings-Launched - 10 minutes waiting - Next account

If during the day the spam block is not removed on the account, leave it for 2 days to rest, this is usually enough for the account to work normally later.

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